Host a rad Christmas party on a budget!

I know the holiday season can be a tough time financially on most of us. But if you’re a social butterfly like me then you love to host parties or events or just have friends over! I am going to share with you my simple tips to hosting a great Christmas party without breaking the bank.

  1. Decorations

    • HIT THE THRIFT STORE- seriously. Check out my youtube video here on how I found almost every decoration at the thrift store AND paid $4(!!!) for everything.

    • use a mix of thrifted and new items. raid your closets and see what else you could use (candles, fairy lights, Christmas coloured fabrics)

    • get creative! lay everything you have out on the ground and then play around with it. Find some cute combinations to put together and don’t stress too much. After all the party is really about bringing people together.

  2. Atmosphere

    • Setting the atmosphere will make a huge difference in the way your friends feel when they come into your home. Some easy things to do:

      • light a candle or diffuser (bonus points for a Christmas scent)

      • play Christmas or holiday music

      • have low lighting- rely on lights from candles/ fairy lights OR even a fireplace if you’re lucky enough to have one!

    • one of my fav things to do is make the party a PJ or ugly sweater party and that way everyone feels comfy and cosy all night

  3. Food

    • this depends what kind of party you are hosting but I think the bottom line is don’t make it too complicated.

    • if you’re having a larger get together then ask everyone to bring a dish so its potluck style and it saves you having to buy all that food.

    • use a mix of both homemade and store bought goods. Homemade is usually cheaper but sometimes your time is much more valuable.

  4. Theme + Games

    • this of course isn’t necessary but it’s always fun to have a theme. Like I said before I love doing ugly sweater or PJ parties. If you want something more dressed up and classy you could do that as well! Remember to. cater to your friends and the types of people you are inviting.

    • picking games out is always a good idea in case your party hits a lull. Plus you really do want to make it a party to remember!! Again, make sure the games are appropriately selected for your guests!

      • personally, I usually go for some board games or a competitive game like “In-it-to-win-it” Christmas version because me and my friends love the competition lol.

      • other ideas are white elephant gift exchange, Christmas mad libs (easy to find on Pinterest),

      • other great ideas I found on this blog


Well those are my main tips! Focus on easy things that you already have, add in some fun games, a theme and some thrifted decor and you’re ready to go!!! No need to spend 100’s of dollars for a party anymore. Merry Thriftmas Everyone!!