Keep Your Home Organized & Clean in 2019

So one of my New Years resolutions or goals for 2019 was to keep my home organized and clean. When your space is organized and de-cluttered it really helps to keep the energy in your home positive and help to keep you productive and relaxed. I have compiled some of my favourite tips to keep to your home clean and organized so keep reading!

For Starters

Get rid of everything you don’t need. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, she did have one big takeaway: only keep items that spark joy. Go through your home and get rid of anything that doens’t spark joy including: clothes, artwork, pillows, books, furniture, etc. Keep only items that are essential and/or that bring you joy on an everyday basis.

Put things in places that make sense. Now make sure that every item that you keep is in a room or place that makes sense. Take anything out of your bedroom or office that doesn’t need to be in there. Try and limit closets, garages or basements for your storage items.

Organize by room

Living Room:

  • use storage whenever possible- opt for coffee tables, stools or side tables that have extra storage in them. I have cleverly used our couch as extra storage for my summer clothes, and concealed our books/ games in this spin around mirror.

  • keep cords out of the way. Tape or conceal cords so that you can’t see them and they won’t get in the way. This will make the space look a lot more clean and organized.

  • Find a place for extra blankets and pillows- only display what is necessary and store the rest. You could place them in one of the storage areas listed above or pick out a cute basket to put them in. If your couch is against the wall consider using behind the couch as storage for blankets and pillows.

  • limit your knick-knacks- you shouldn’t have much left after our starting task buuuut if you do… try and limit yourself to a couple personal photos and maybe 1 or 2 knick-knacks. It can make the space look messy and crowded with too many things.


  • I went into a lot of detail on organizing your office space on my recent youtube video. You can watch it here .

  • One way I found to organize my space well was to install this grid above my desk. You can add so many clips and hooks to it and I found it perfect for displaying to-do lists and my 2019 goals. You can buy a smaller dupe of it here.

  • You can find other great options to help you organize/ store things in your office here.


  • my number 1 tip is to get your closet in order. If you’re anything like me- you might love clothes - or thrifting- or both haha. In order to keep your room looking more clean and organized it is crucial to take advantage of your closet space. I optimized my space by adding an extra clothing rod in the closet so I wasn’t wasting all that overhead space.

  • I picked up the dowel from Home Depot- they cut it exactly to the size I had measured. I also got the plastic holders at the end and all the screws from there as well. This was so easy it took us only 5 minutes to install!

  • Now organize your clothes in some sort of logical manner. As you can see I have all my sweaters, jackets and dresses on the lower rack and all my shirts and tanks on the upper rack. I have organized based on clothing type- and then within types I have organized based on clothing color. I find this aesthetically pleasing and also easy to pick myself out an outfit as I often go off colors in my head.

    • all my t-shirts and athletic wear like leggings, sports bras, etc are organized into their own shelf or basket. Everything is stored with clothing of the same type. This makes it super easy for me to always know where everything is.

  • Hang things that look “cluttered” such as necklaces, purses and belts in areas that are not easy to see. I have chosen to hang my bags on the back of my door and my necklaces are on hooks that face the closet so they are not easy to spot!

  • Check out the amazing closet storage from WayFair here. They make it super easy to make sure you have a shelf or storage container for everything! My personal favs are the hanging organizers that can go behind your door for shoes or purses, the under-bed storage that saves you so much space without sacrificing the look of your room and finally the closet systems (which I will have one day!!) for those of you that own your own place and can afford to customize your closet space!


  • keep your cooking tools in areas that make sense. I used this handy ikea storage shelf for all of my cooking utensils like spatulas, ladles, whisks, spoons, etc. so they are easy to grab when I am cooking.

  • Keep items in the same “category” together. For example, put all your baking supplies (flour, sugar, baking soda) on the same shelf. Having specific cupboards or shelves assigned to items will make it easier for you to quickly grab stuff when you’re cooking or baking.

  • try to keep small items contained- things like spices or silverware should be put in some sort of storage container. Then they are less likely to be misplaced and will make better use of your space.

  • Wayfair also has great storage items for your kitchen! My top picks are the spice racks, the organizers for all your drawers (even one for Tupperware!!), and the storage boxes for the fancy dinnerware that you mostly store and rarely use.

Okay guys, that is my easy tips to help you have a Cozy & Clean 2019 ♡♡