WHY I moved + how I feel about it

So as many of you know, I recently moved provinces (Canadian version of states) from Edmonton, Alberta to Kelowna, British Columbia. About a 10hr drive away. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot of distance, but its a lot when you just need a hug from your mom, or to rant about a guy over a glass of wine with your bestie. Suddenly 10 hours feels like an entire world apart. I am about to get REAL personal with you guys and tell you how I feel about everything.

WHY did I move?


Well it all started with gymnastics competitions. I went to Kelowna for a couple competitions when I was younger and immediately fell in love with the sun, the heat and the fact that the beach was right beside downtown (R U KIDDING ME). Then one of my very best friends moved from Salmon Arm (a small town to BC) to Kelowna. I visited her every year so the move changed nothing except I was now visiting her in Kelowna instead. This is probably the main catalyst that convinced me that I NEEDED to live here. Something about the laid back attitude, the quaint little shops, the multitude of hikes in your backyard, the beautiful harbour front and amazing hot weather left me in awe. Every year I took time off work to come back to Kelowna which was quickly becoming my favourite place in Canada. But either way pretty much since the very first competition I knew I would live here one day. And I told basically everyone that. Even ask my mom, I have been saying I was going to move to Kelowna for the last 7ish years. AND NOW HERE I AM.

Leaving behind everything I know

I was born and raised in Stony Plain, AB, a small town about 40min outside of Edmonton, AB. I moved to Edmonton when I started going to university. Stony Plain and Edmonton have been my whole life. My parents have never moved. I moved from my parents, to my sisters condo, to an apartment near the university. I have pretty much always stayed in my comfort zone. I knew when I graduated that I needed a change. I get bored pretty easily, and I constantly crave travel and adventure but for some reason the idea of moving terrified me. Leaving behind all your friends and family isn’t an easy thing to do. BUT I also knew that I was excited, for a new city, for new experiences, for new friendships and for a new adventure.

How I feel about moving

I’m going to be honest, moving is bittersweet. But mostly sweet. Like I said, I love new adventures and experiences and I thrive off human connection. I know that I can find friendly people anywhere I go. I am not worried about finding a job or finding friends because the moment I got to Kelowna it felt like home. I already feel like I fit in here. I have also met so many amazing people so far. I am in awe over the amount of people that offered to help us when we were unloading our moving truck. Kelowna has a very small town feel while still being big enough of a city to keep me entertained.


I am going to miss my friends, and my parents. BUT I am going to gain so much. I am becoming my own person, paving my own path and I am so FREAKING proud of myself. I have never felt more like an adult than I do right now. I made this decision for ME , and nobody else. No person influenced my decision. I let go of any ties I had at home and flew free.

My advice for you is, if you want to do something, FREAKING DO IT. Do it for all the people who told you that you weren’t good enough, that you would never amount to anything, that you’re scared of change, scared of taking risks, that you’re boring. You can do literally anything you want. seriously. ANYTHING. Follow your instinct, your dreams + your heart and go for it. You will be so thankful that you did. I know I am. ♡

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