How to set GOALS & actually FOLLOW THROUGH

Alright, 2019 is here! That means it’s the perfect time to sit down and reflect on 2018 and start to establish goals for 2019. Now maybe you already set resolutions and already fell off the wagon. That’s ok. I am in no place to judge ANYONE because I’m human and I make mistakes too.

This post is about looking at the bigger picture. Do you have CLEAR goals for the next 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months? Are you taking DAILY steps to bring you towards your goal?

Wherever you’re at with your goals, I am going to help you take it to the next level. LET’S DO THIS.

Step 1: set your goals


Set aside a good hour of your day to do this. Sit down and really reflect on what you want to accomplish. I like to start with my yearly goals first and then break them down into smaller goals that I want to accomplish in 3, 6, and 9 months. If you need extra help with this step here are some easy categories to think about:

  1. your health - want do you want to work on? Being active more often? Hitting the gym another day per week? Preparing your lunches ahead of time? Actually going to the dentist this year?

  2. your work- what milestones do you want to reach? A promotion? A raise? Less work time more play? A career change?

  3. your hobbies- what do you like to do for fun? do you have a hobby? do you want to create a youtube channel? or get into photography? finally put together that 10 000 piece puzzle?

  4. your relationships- both friendships and love interests. do you need to work on communication as a couple? do you want to put yourself out there more? do you need to cut out some negative influences in your life?

  5. your self improvement - probably my fav one. What do you need to do fo YOURSELF? take a new course? read a new book? learn a new skill? talk to a therapist? switch medication?

Step 2: break down goals into bite sized pieces

Okay now that you have your goals laid out, break them down into tiny small goals you could do daily. This is an important step to help you follow through. If a goal is tooooo large then we often become overwhelmed and just abandon it all together. I’ll walk through an example so you get the idea.

One of my goals is to make it 1500 subs on youtube. here are the steps I have thought of to get there:

  • produce consistent content

  • brainstorm new, exciting video ideas

  • learn new editing skills

  • create a youtube intro

  • get more efficient at editing

  • introduce a new series on my channel

  • do a giveaway on my channel

  • engage with more you tubers (aka comment on their videos/ posts)

  • do more collaborations (part of this work involves looking for potential collaborators, developing a relationship, meeting up with them, planning and then filming)

As you can see, these are WAY more manageable things that I could implement every week that will still be propelling me towards my greater goal.

Step 3: Keep yourself accountable

Now you’ve got your bite sized pieces of your goal, but it’s time to make sure you STICK TO IT. Firstly, be accountable to yourself by displaying these goals where you will see them EVERY DAY. I like to keep mine hanging above my desk where I work so I’m literally motivated as I work. Fun sticky notes are never a bad idea either.

Secondly, keep yourself accountable to others. Tell at least 1 other person about your goals. Be specific and let them know when you are going to accomplish these things by. If you don’t have someone to share with, consider sharing online (or slide in my DM’s here I would love to hear them!). Try to get together with this person at least once a month (in person or virtually) and catch them up on how you’ve been doing. This is almost like a little “check - in” to keep you on track.


Step 4: evaluate constantly

Things change in the blink of an eye. You never know where life is going to take you. Maybe something new came up, or a relationship ended and your goals have shifted. That’s ok. Evaluate your goals every week or every couple weeks and make sure that they still align with your greater goals. Make sure they are still what you want and that you are still working hard to achieve that goal.

All right my boss babes, you’re ready to conquer 2019. I can’t WAIT to see everything we are going to accomplish together!!

Thank you for following me on this journey.